Emma C. has done quite a number of shoots for us, and most of those are available on DVD. This site offers members all of the content on those DVDs, plus the scenes that were cut out - it's the raw shoot and it's entirely your decision as to which scene's you want to watch!

Here are only some of the shoots members can download ...




Holly Kiss and Emma C.

This latest girl / girl DVD pairs Holly Kiss and Emma C. and his filmed by Holly Kiss's partner, not our usual videographer. It makes for a fun and interesting new setting, along with lots of real and genuine sexual encounters including blindfolding, light bondage, toy play, oral action and a shower scene. Let's see what kind of nice naughtiness these two attractive women can create!

The ladies walk into the living room and chit chat about unwinding and enjoying real orgasms. They start to touch each other through their clothing at first. It's not long before the tops and dresses are removed, full bosoms exposed and sexy panties revealed. The girls joke they can think of a lot more fun things to do in the afternoon than knitting! Now undressed, Emma straddles Holly and sits on her lap. Emma removes her bra and Holly licks and kisses her nipples - leaving lipstick all over Emma's breasts. Emma reaches around and removes Holly's bra to fondle her breasts. Holly sits back on the sofa as Emma goes down on her knees, between Holly's legs. Emma pulls the panties aside to lick Holly's clit and pussy. Holly enjoys it and so does Emma. After a bit, the panties are removed and Emma goes back to licking Holly's clit. Holly notes, "Your tongue feels soooo good." Emma sits up on the sofa, next to Holly and begins to massage Holly's pussy with her hands and fingers. Holly clearly likes this - and she cums with a couple of visible contractions. Emma dips a finger into Holly's wet pussy and pulls out a wet finger to massage along her clit. Holly is sex flushed, moaning and sensitive. The girls giggle as Holly says she thinks that is a record her cumming so quickly. Emma goes back down between Holly's legs to continue to lick her clit and pussy juices. Then Emma begins to rub her clit some more, then Emma goes back to frantically licking Holly's pussy. Holly's eyes are closed and she is panting and gasping. As Holly's moans crescendo, Emma stops licking and starts rubbing Holly's clit. Holly apparently cums again, but the camera moves away from her cooch and up to her face, so we can't really spot any contractions this time. Holly plays with her own juicy pussy strings before Emma joins in the fun.

The girls walk naked onto the enclosed patio. Holly sits on a table. Emma blindfolds Holly and begins kissing Holly's neck from behind. Emma then lightly ties Holly's wrists with a red sash. Emma climbs up onto the table and starts to kiss Holly's breasts and nipples. Eventually, Emma moves down to the floor and squats, putting her face right in between Holly's legs. The girls get into some more naughty oral action with Emma really licking on Holly's pussy as she kneels over Holly from behind on the table. Emma reaches a hand around, grasping firmly onto Holly bottom, while using the other hand to pull back on Holly's pussy mound while licking, then rubbing, then licking more. Holly is moaning as Emma keeps licking - then Holly goes into her loud, "Ahhhhhh!" as she apparently cums. The camera man didn't keep the camera focused on Holly's cooch, when she reached orgasm, so we couldn't see the contractions - disappointing. Emma goes back to licking and rubbing Holly's clit in circular motions, which Holly seems to enjoy, also. Emma's hands go round and round on Holly's clit, getting her very excited. Then Emma just works one finger on Holly's clit, before going back to the oral action. Emma then kneels beside Holly, playing with Holly's pussy and simultaneously kissing her nipples. Emma straddles Holly, fondling her breasts and playing with her mouth before bending down and kissing her on the lips. Emma moves off to the side again, slowly kissing her way down Holly's side and tummy before getting off the table and going between her thighs with her tongue. After a bit, Emma goes back to massaging Holly's clit with her fingers and thumb, then back to licking. Holly's moans escalate into another orgasmic symphony or cacophony, as she apparently cums again. Once again, the camera man was more focused on her face than on her cooch, so it's tough to say for sure. There were some quivers and motions and Holly's chest was flushed, but I can't say for sure that I spotted all the orgasmic contractions.

The girls are now virtually completely naked (Emma has on a pair of thong panties) and making out in Holly's bedroom - rubbing and fondling all over one another. Holly reaches a hand down and rubs on Emma's pussy. It's not long before the panties are completely discarded. Holly bends down to kiss and lick Emma's clit. Emma is lying back, her eyes closed, in utter ecstasy. After a bit, Holly reaches over to the nightstand to grab a new toy for the girls to try. Holly turns it on and begins making some circles on Emma's clit - Emma's pussy is glistening wet as she says how good the toy feels. Emma's hips begin to move up and down as she pulls back firmly on her own clit hood. The toy gets Emma off - she is shaking, quivering, moaning and panting - and we can spot some of Emma's pussy contractions, but Emma doesn't have the most visible orgasms in the world, either. Let me specify that this was definitely a real full-body arching orgasm for Emma, but her contractions are just tough to see because her pussy is so puffy. Emma reaches a finger down and around to play with her wetness, then Holly resumes the oral action. There are a few interesting camera angles capturing Emma's very enlarged clit! After more action, Holly reaches for the little vibe again, placing it directly on Emma's clit. Emma is arching and hissing and moaning as she pulls backon her clitoral hood, exposing as much of her clit as she possibly can to the little toy. Holly moistens her fingers, then she presses firmly as she frigs Emma's clit, getting Emma off yet one more time. Holly plays with Emma's wet, stringy juices. Holly very gently licks away Emma's juices.

Holly sprawled across the countertop as Emma tests a vibrator on her leg. Emma bends over and gives Holly's pussy a nice lick before working the toy in small circles all over Holly's clitoris. Holly is instantly moaning. Emma reaches down with her other hand to spread Holly's pussy lips apart, occasionally bending down further to lick Holly's cooch before going back to the toy. Emma adjusts the speed on the vibe, licks Holly's pussy some more, and continues to work the toy on Holly. Holly is really beginning to moan and groan now. Holly's moans increase in intensity and frequency as Emma continues to stimulate her clitoris with the penis vibe. Going back and forth and back and forth with the vibe, Holly has a nice, big, visible orgasm with lots of nice tugging contractions - and her wetness is pooled at the base of her vagina! Emma notes she is "dripping all the way down." Then inserts her fingers to play with all of the juicy goodness - there are serious strings of pussy wetness here! Holly notes how "Niiiiccceee" that was! Emma can't resist another little lick-y, lick-y and rub-a-dub-dub, which rather quickly has Holly cumming again. There are a few, less severe, tugging contractions this time. Holly doesn't want to stop and Emma licks some more, gently. The girls talk about how much they enjoyed that. Next, Emma has Holly stand on the floor, as she wraps around her from behind while still perched on the countertop. Emma rubs and rubs and rubs Holly's pussy, kissing Holly's neck passionately, too. Emma doesn't stop with the rubbing until Holly starts to moan and pant, which then, characteristically, increases in volume and frequency until she has standing orgasm. The camera man moves down to catch all the action, but there aren't really contractions to spot with all the hand movements. Holly really seemd to enjoy it, then she pulls her lips apart and shows off her reddened pussy.

Next, the girls are showering together with Holly behind Emma using the hand water spray all over her as they kiss and fondle one another. Holly reaches for the soap and lathers Emma's back and front. All the while, Emma is reaching around and touching Holly, too. The girls kiss and clean each other for quite awhile. Emma gets down on her knees to clean Holly's tummy and bits. They rinse the soap and continue to kiss one another. Emma gets comfortable against the wall as Holly gets down on all fours to lick Emma's pussy. Emma enjoys this immensely, arching her back and putting her head back as far as it will go. She looks down from time-to-time to see what Holly is doing. Holly pauses to rub her clit, too. Holly continues to lick and suck on Emma's pussy - Emma is spread out as far as she can. Holly sucks and licks from side-to-side, then up-and-down and all around on Emma's clit. Emma can't quite get there, though, so the girls switch to a more upright position as Holly really rubs Emma's clit. Emma's tummy is taunt and she is beginning to pant and breathe heavily - she is just dying to cum. She pulls her lips aside as Holly presses and rubs on her clit. Emma starts to slip a little bit, so Holly stands up and kisses her pussy one more time before going back to the frantic rubbing. All the while, the water is running and the girls are breathless and moaning. After resuming the serious finger rubbing of Emma's clit, it's not long before Emma is panting and shuddering. After a bit, the girls grab a little pink vibe to help finish Emma off. Holly works the little toy directly on her clitoris - Emma is still tense and taunt and ready to cum. Holly places the toy directly on Emma's clit, holds it virtually motionless as Emma buckles and ripples. The camera moves in for a closeup of Emma's cooch and she is sitting back so far we can really see all the details of her puffy pussy. Then he moves up to show her face, then back down to her cooch, as she is absolutely quivering all over. Emma is just dying to get off - she's ready - so she takes over the toy and starts going round and round and round on her clit. Holly kisses Emma's inner thigh and licks it, wich only gets Emma even more aroused. Her legs tense completely, she is panting and taunt as she flicks the toy back and forth on her clit and Holly plays with her breasts and nipples, lightly and gently. Emma's not going to stop until she cums again, which she does as Holly kisses her nipples and she bucks and moans. It's another big orgasm body tensing orgasm for Emma.

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In this DVD we see the cameraman bringing gorgeous little Emma to a series of strong orgasms while she's all tied up. And she really, really likes it, a LOT! There's a whole load of chat between them that only ceases while Emma is being brought to high plateau and then over the edge for climax after climax, some of incredible length. Her moans are so erotic we're sure you'll love it.

In the first of four long scenes Emma is tied to a dining room table and preparing for her punishment saying "This will certainly teach me for misbehaving"! If you can call being taken to sexual plateau and being made to orgasm is punishment for misbehaving I'm sure a lot more girls would be as naughty as Emma must have been. She has certainly got a kinky streak in her for this sort of thing and she tells us at the beginning that "It's always nice being tied up". When the blue dolphin toy is applied to her pussy and clitoris this is what gets said. Emma: "It's quite strong really", CM: "Too strong?", Emma: "No, it's quite nice!!", CM "Wicked girl". Later she says she's enjoying it so much she should try being naughty more often. Soon she can't chat any more and she's lying back and starting to let out cute little whimpers and grunts of pleasure which get louder as the stimulation and engorgement build up; her thighs are soon begining to twitch. Then she spasms in a real nice orgasm grabbing at the ropes loosely holding her. She can't reach the toy to stop him so she just has to ride through it all and soon she's saying "I'm being spoiled ... Oooohh! That feels so good!". The scene continues with a white pocket rocket and the change in frequency soon has her making her cute little moans and mumbles that show she's on the way to another nice one, and within 5 minutes her mind and body are racked with another real long climax. I don't know how her clit can take all of this treatment. But it can. The scene ends with the CM giving her butt a a few small spanks.

Next Emma is in the orgasm chair, legs tied wide apart and wrists joined with restraints. She tells us she "had so much fun last time I thought we'd have another go". The cameraman asks whether she can close her legs to which she replies "No. Completely at the mercy of the toys" with a grin. That's not the only thing she's at the mercy of though. An ivory coloured vibe with a bent clit stimulating tip is now being worked, first around her clit hood and soon with the tip right up under her clit hood so her unprotected clit shaft gets the toy's full strength. "It's fantastic not being able to wiggle away either!" The stimulation continues and this time the orgasm just sort of hits her and she's suddenly contorting and moaning loudly. You can just make out some of her orgasmic contractions around her lovely little rosebud butt hole between her immensely kissable bottom cheeks. As the orgasmic peak passes she leans forward with a huge smile on her face as she's rocked by several little aftershocks. The vibe is changed and Emma's very quickly back into moaning mode and again cums quickly and hard. He doesn't stop and she can't do anything but ride through the postorgasmic sensitivity and then she's quickly cumming hard again and there are a few visible little contractions to mark the moment. Her capacity and her clitoris's capacity to take this amount of stimulation is utterly amazing. Lucky, lucky girl. Her closing remark was "I'm quite happy staying here, I feel like I'm floating .. I think every girl should be tied up and made to cum like that".

She's soon on a bed again with restraints. She starts with some split-crotch panties but they soon come off. After all that, the CM plays with her sopping vagina and Emma asks to have a taste of it, licking it off his fingers she sounds surprised as she says "It's really quite sweet". Of course it is!

Finally she's back in the orgasm chair. He asks when she last had an orgasm and she reveals that it was at about 4 a.m. at work, sitting at her desk feeling just a little bit bored! The strawberry clit vibe is her first choice and is is soon being worked vigorously on her clit and her moans now come more and more frequent. You can see a real large pool of clear vaginal cum building up and then running down to her anus as she has a little orgasm that was nevertheless "Very good". He plays with her juices which form long strings from his fingers and plays with her g-spot for a bit before switching to the purple bullet. It is soon buzzing away inside her wet vagina while a second silver bullet is being worked on her clit. This is so much stimulation and she soon orgasming long and hard. In fact it's hard to tell if it was two well separated ones or just one incredibly long intense one. There are certainly contractions visible and her moans and whimpers of pure ecstasy are very loud and incredibly erotic just to listen to, not to mention her sweet smile afterwards as she tells us her legs are still shaking. A final bit of g-spot work and and she's in complete bliss.

Emma C.'s Bondage Orgasms

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Nathalie Heck and Emma C.

Nathalie Heck is big-breasted - extremely big! breasted long-haired blonde with a large butterfly tattoo on her lower back. Each of her wrists and ankles are tattooed also.

Nathalie is seated in the chair and she wants to get a good look at Emma - she gives Emma's bottom a firm spank. The girls giggle. Then they take off Nathalie's bra so that Emma can fondle and suckle them. They take Emma's bra off, too. Emma takes Nathalie's sexy panties off and starts to use the purple vibrator on her clit and pussy. Emma is enjoying her "work" and complimenting Nathalie on all of her assets. Emma works the toy hard and round and round on Nathalie's clit as Nathtalie tells her, "Oh. I'm so close, Babe. I'm so close." Emma is practically holding Nathalie in the chair, keeping the toy working on her clit. Nathalie is getting close and just wants to cum, so she takes over the control of the toy, telling Emma to "Kiss me". Of course, Emma obliges, then kneels to kiss and fondle Nathalie's breasts. Nathalie says she wants to taste Emma's pussy while she toys herself. So, Emma removes her panties and straddles the chair above Nathalie's face. We are now seeing Emma's behind and cooch in Nathalie's face while Nathalie continues to work the toy on her own pussy. The girls continue like this for quite a bit of time until Nathalie stops licking Emma's pussy and takes the pocket rocket off her on clit and starts using it on Emma. Eventually, Nathalie hands the pocket rocket over to Emma, who is still perched above Nathalie's face in the chair and the two girls agree to an oddly positioned mutual masturbation time. Nathalie takes the toy back rather quickly telling Emma to use her fingers and let "me have the toy". So, Emma does and Nathalie continues to occasionally glance above her at Emma as Emma masturbates. Emma rubs herself off to a nice orgasm, tensing and softly moaning. After Emma cums, she dips her fingers into her pussy noting how wet it is. Nathalie is still trying with the pocket rocket. Emma reaches down and tweaks her enormous breasts. Nathalie moans and apparently cums again.

The girls are back in the bedroom for the next scene. Emma is wearing black satin panties and Nathalie is wearing a pair of red panties. Nathalie gives Emma's bottom another big spank then asks Emma to sit on her face. The girls get into a 69-style position. After a bit, Emma decides to grab a little toy for Nathalie. There were two cameras catching all the licking in this scene, so we get to see lots of interesting perspectives. After a bit, Emma kneels a bit and begins to manually rub Nathalie's clit. Nathalie is still performing oral on Emma. Emma gets Nathalie off, but it's a full body view, so we can't see Nathalie's pussy contractions. Emma licks her fingers and begins to rub Natahlie's pussy some more. Emma asks Nathalie, having her sit back a bit as Emma licks her pussy and toys her clit with the black thingie massager. The girls switch positions once more, go back to a 69-style, with Nathalie on top as Emma is the recipient of the thingie massager. Nathalie gets Emma off to an orgasm with the toy, asking Emma to "cum for me". We get to see the orgasm from two different camera perspectives. Nathalie accuses Emma of being too quiet and not really cumming, but I think Emma really did based on the full body view, and Nathalie has to do the taste-test for approval. The girls giggle and joke and play around on the bed for a bit.

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Colombia and Emma C. are in the bedroom undressing one another from the top down. Emma remarks that, "It's like Christmas! Only better!" They suck and kiss each other's breasts and then take off their own bottoms and panties. Emma reaches for a new toy that she is going to try on Colombia - a small, pink, hand massager. Colombia sits back with her head by the headboard and her legs spread apart as Emma kneels from over and behind her, to get the best view - she remarks that Colombia "looks really good!" After a few minutes, Colombia is beginning to pant and raise her hips then Emma notes, "This is making me really horny!" And Colombia chimes in that Emma, "wants some". Emma reaches a finger down between Colombia's lips to feel her wetness as she continues to buzz her clit with the pink vibe. Colombia really begins writhing, writhing and gasping as Emma leans in closer to her cooch. Emma looks up and smiles at the cameraman as Colombia is cumming. Colombia had a few visible contractions. Emma leans over and sticks her tongue in Colombia's cooch noting, "And she tastes good, too!" They hug each other and then note that it is now Emma's turn. Emma reaches over to the nightstand for her favourite toy: the pocket rocket. She leans back with her legs apart while Colombia is lying on her tummy, resting her head on Emma's inner thigh using the pocket rocket on Emma's clit. Colombia works the little toy around and around in a circle and up and down on Emma's clit as she lies back on the bed noting, "Oh that's so good!" The camera takes just a moment to move down Colombia's body to highlight her various artwork and tattoos. Colombia works the toy harder and faster around and around on Emma's clit as Emma whispers, "Oh, that's so good!" They really are pulling back on Emma's pussy lips, exposing her rather large clit, and Emma seems to be really, really enjoying it. When Colombia stops moving the toy, just holding it on Emma's clit, I think she has an orgasm, judging by her tummy tensing, but it's impossible to see because of the girls' positioning and Colombia's hand.

The girls are still naked, but back in the bedroom with a bottle of bubbly. They are playing with a dildo / vibrator combo and its Colombia's turn. Colombia lies back on the bed as Emma slowly moistens and inserts the toy in her vagina. Emma removes the toy, noting that "because they only have one glass, I will get my champagne the fun way!" She pours the bubbly into Colombia's vagina who gasps, then Emma licks it off. They repeat this process, giggling and laughing as they do so. Emma lies back on the bed so that Colombia can sit on her face as she sucks the champagne out of Colombia's pussy. Colombia says quietly, "I'm glad there's only one glass now." The champagne continues to drip and flow out of Colombia as Emma laps it up. The girls note the cum and champagne wet spots all over the bed - and of course all over Emma's face! They re-adjust for a moment so that Colombia can use the purple egg-style vibe on Emma's pussy. They start off nice and slow, but then they adjust the vibration power and the rubbing while Colombia takes an occasional lick to moisten Emma's clit. Emma whispers, "Oh my god, that's amazing" as she starts to tense and hiss and cum - but the contractions aren't really visible from the filming angle and with all the action, but her tummy tensing and perky nipples are obvious and she's also quite sensitive, too. The girls curl up on the bed together as they prepare for Colombia's turn. Colombia is now enjoying a few sips of champagne from a glass as Emma uses the purple bullet-style vibe on her clit. They adjust the strength and speed of the toy as Colombia sips champagne and tweaks her own nipples. The toy instantly and immediately gets Colombia's attention as she pants and moans and "Wow!'s" as Emma works the toy on her clit. Colombia whispers, "Oh god, that's good" . as Emma pulls her lips apart gently and continues to stimulate her clit with the toy. They giggle as they note Colombia still has her champagne in hand. Colombia cums again - with a nice, long orgasm. Her sensitivity afterwards though is quite something.

The girls are back in the bedroom undressing one another again and touching each other through their panties. They quickly remove their bras and fondle one another, but Emma notes that Colombia doesn't really want to remove her pink panties . and Emma also notes how many men would love to be in her position right about now. Emma gets some lube to rub on Colombia's pussy as Colombia takes her panties off. Emma slowly rubs Colombia's bits and also seems to enjoy looking at them, too. Emma moves her hand quickly around in circles on Colombia's pussy as Colombia pants and rocks her hips up and down. The camera moves in for a close-up view of Emma almost flicking Colombia's clit, then pressing firmly and rubbing. Emma slows down the action, spreading Colombia's lips wide apart before resuming the firm, fast, clit rub. Colombia appears to be just so ready to orgasm as her hands grasp her inner thigh as she cums. Then the girls switch position as Emma takes off her panties and Colombia applies the lube to her. Colombia pulls the hood right back to flick and rub Emma's clit. Emma lies back on the pillows with her head against the headboard, tensing and tightening every muscle in her body as Colombia rubs her clit until she cums. A nice full body view of Emma curling upwards from the bed. Colombia asks "You want some more?" And Emma says she is light-headed, but, "Yeah". Emma also remarks, "This is definitely more fun than doing it myself." Colombia continues to rub and play with Emma's pussy and clit, looking up at Emma's face as she goes to check her reactions. Emma's hand is clutching her inner thigh or grasping at the sheets. The action becomes more intent and serious as Emma lies back, mouth wide open, gasping as Colombia rubs frantically. Emma lies back and relaxes as they note her wetness.

Colombia and Emma are back in the bedroom with Colombia lying on the bed in black thigh-high stockings, ropes around her thighs and a bar shackle around her wrists which are resting above her head. Emma is using a little pink vibe on her clit and has the black thingy massager on stand-by. Emma inserts the little French tickler ends into Colombia's pussy and spreads her lips with it. They are curious about the black thingy massager - they toy they call "the evil one". So Emma turns it on and starts buzzing it on Colombia's clit. Colombia is instantly bucking her hips and moaning. Emma kneels up on the bed to work the toy on Colombia's pussy. Colombia's moans suddenly change in pitch and intensity as she cums and her pussy contracts. Emma continues to work on the toy and notes how wet Colombia's pussy is. She dips her finger in for a taste noting that there is absolutely no champagne taste there. It's all cum! Then she gives Colombia a sampling off her finger.

Colombia and Emma C.

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Emma C.'s Sweet Desserts

Perky breasted and adorable Emma is back for 4 seriously erotic masturbation sessions, and has at least six real orgasms. Despite her "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" cuteness she's got a fetish - a food fetish! So when her mother told her as a little girl not to play with her food, well that just laid the groundwork for some real naughty fun now she's all grown up. In this video Emma enjoys strawberries and cream while she wanks and uses the double cream all over her pussy as a lube while dipping a strawberry in her super sweet vagina for a little extra flavour, she gets into a real, real mess with dark chocolate before and after cumming, she smears nectarine juice over her body before playing with the magic wand and she finishes off using a chunky chocolate biscuit bar as a dildo. We get to see some orgasmic contractions and can revel in watching her body having some gorgeously intense orgasms and cumming twice in a row twice!

So to talk you through the content. In the first super sexy scene she starts by dipping her fingers into the double cream and drizzling it over her large firm pussy lips before she dips a bright red strawberry into her vagina before eating it. Of course, it's not long before she's using a strawberry-red vibe on her fantastic large clit hood and getting very turned-on. There's a nice mix of close-up and full body and it's very sensual as a bead of cream slowly runs down the side of her tummy as she plays and moves under her ever-increasing horniness. Then she cums, real strong, pulling her knees up to her chest in ecstasy as her tummy muscles contract spasmically. Afterwards she tells us that she's content and that after all that intense buzzing her clit is "absolutely numb"!

In between that and this next scene Emma had had a lot more orgasms while being all tied up with the cameraman really enjoying giving her a good hands-on session (see "Emma C.'s Bondage Orgasms"). So Emma now tells us that she's being given a break from bondage and because she was such a good girl she's being allowed to have some chocolate. Not just any chocolate but 85% cocoa. She says it's definitely nice but she can think of some other things to do with it, and smiles mischievously. Not wanting to make a mess of her lovely new bra and panty set, off they come, and it's a good job the bedclothes are dark. She's in a very mischievous mood in fact - probably because of alll those orgasm hormones coursing through her body - and she chats with the cameraman as she starts smearing the dark dark chocolate on her pussy and all around her nipples and areolas. If you've read "Under Milk Wood" by Dylan Thomas, you might imagine what that's like. If you haven't read it - do!

Anyway, Emma plus chocolate plus vibrator means only one thing. A very very very messy and strong orgasm and this time we can see a couple of nice orgasmic pussy contractions through the chocolate that is now totally covering her private parts. "Shouldn't play with your food" she tells us. But this is very erotic stuff and she's soon playing again with a clit vibe, sucking on the chocolate bar while the toy's tip is pressing hard on her clit pushed right up under her clithood. She's getting messier and messier, a self-imposed chocolate massage. She's really hot now and the chocolate is melting and mingling with pussy juices as she holds her legs wide apart and cums again with clear contractions. Told you she was multiorgasmic!

Afterwards she chats a bit with the cameraman and says, covered in chocolate, "I'm not sure, I think I might need someone to lick it off me!" Of course, we'll never know what happened next as the video cuts to a new scene with a nice juicy nectarine about which Emma says "I think this one is going to be messy as well". I love this bit as she rubs nectaring juice all over her tits, her perfect boobs glistening with the sweet sticky liquid. The juice is cold as she squeezes more over her body so she needs to warm up, this time with the magic wand. "It's VERY effective" she says. Soon her physical pleasure is obvious and her head lols back and she's moaning and breathing heavily and moaning some more. This scene is filmed from above so you can't see anal or vaginal contractions, but you can see body shaking and spasming as she cums, but she doesn't want to stop, and after a brief pause to get her breath back, the wand causes Emma to be wracked with a really, really powerful second orgasm. Not surprisingly, she says "I think I might need cooling off" and she squeezes more juice on her red, totally engorged and well-satisfied pussy. Then she passes the nectarine's remains to the cameraman who rubs it soothingly on her pussy while at the same time gettng her juices on it - I think he probably took a bite of it and Emma says in a wicked but sweet voice "... there's some fruit that needs eating off me". I guess it wasn't all that much like hard work to get her sparkling clean again!

Emma came back a week later and when offered a chocolate biscuit bar was soon "thinking of some inventive way of eating my chocolate bar ... it's quite a large one!!!" Because of its size she has to buzz herself with a pocket rocket first to get her insides all wet and slippery, but she can't stop and just has a nice orgasm as a starter. Then she unwraps the bar and looking at it says "I'm not convinced it will fit but there's no harm in trying". She clearly underestimates herself and it goes in and makes a perfect, if rather messy and sticky dildo to move in and out wile she goes for another real body-wracking orgasm. That's a very nice scene. Afterwards she pulls the part-melted bar from her perfect tight hole and takes a sensuous nibble before generously offering the cameraman the rest of it. Who knows ...

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Femorg.com introduces new-cummer and bi-sexual Russian blonde bombshell, Alexandra. Alexandra is paired with the always-happy-to-oblige Emma C. in this DVD which also features Alexandra having a squirting orgasm at the hands of the videographer, too.

Emma C. is wearing a black leather bra and panty set as she introduces us to her new friend, Alexandra. This is a fixed camera angle view of the action, showing the girls sitting on the bed, and all the body, arm, feet and leg action. The angle is not really close enough to spot the pussy contractions as the orgasms occur, but I do think Alexandra cums a couple of different times. Emma begins by seductively undressing the voluptuous blonde Alexandra who is wearing a sexy little black polka dotted bra and panty set. Emma is clearly enjoying the undressing and "peeking into Alexandra's panties". Emma puts a bit of lube on Alexandra's shaved, lippy cooch. Emma turns on the pocket rocket and starts working it on Alexandra's clit. Alexandra is sitting upright, leaning back on the pillows, fondling her naturally large breasts. Emma positions herself very close to Alexandra cooch, checking out all the action, ensuring lots of clitorial stimulation. Alexandra starts to moan and pant, clearly enjoying the little toy and what Emma is doing with it. Alexandra is reaching up and grabbing the headboard, saying, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" while fondling her breasts - just ready to explode in orgasm - but she can't quite get there. Emma decides to re-lube and rub Alexandra's pussy manually now - Alexandra was truly quite close to cumming as Emma notes how "pink" Alexandra's chest and face are flushed. I'm not convinced that she didn't actually cum, but I'm not one hundred percent certain that she did, either. As Emma rubs, Alexandra says, "Oh. So nice." Emma spreads her pussy lips and rubs directly under the clit. Alexandra thinks she might have cum and they switch toys to the "little bunny friend" toy. As Emma works the toy 'round and 'round exactly as Alexandra likes it, Alexandra grabs a hold of her knees, lifting herself up and saying, "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah!" Again, Alexandra's face and chest flush pink and Emma keeps working with the toy. Emma plays with Alexandra's pussy lips some more, letting Alexandra "come down" a bit before they wave good bye to the camera.

The girls are back in the bedroom once again, this time Alexandra is going to be subjected to the powers of the magic wand. Alexandra is excited to use the toy, noting that, "I'm going to cum, cum, cum!" The girls play with the wand on Alexandra's breasts - enjoying the sensuality - before taking off the pretty blue panties and lubing the end of the wand. Alexandra picks up the wand from Emma and pretends that it is a microphone as she giggles, introduces herself and her intentions for getting off today! It's cute and funny - even air kissing at the camera and remind us that this is "quite exclusive scene" in her Russian accent! After just a few moments of stimulation with the wand, Alexandra is flushing pink and beginning to moan. She arches her back and buries her foot into the bed, turning pink-er and pink-er and when she cums this time, she is surprised that she is wet the bed! Emma is apologizing and noting the power of the time, but Alexandra is all giggles. Now ready for more with the toy, Alexandra lets us know that she, too, is curious what's going to happen next. After a few moments, Alexandra is in ecstasy again - getting wet by squirting, panting, talking dirty and cumming again! Emma keeps working the wand on Alexandra's pussy - clearly Alexandra is really enjoying it, too. Alexandra starts to rock her hips again and hiss a bit, then softly moaning as we hear the wetness start to flow again. This is another fixed camera angle view of all the action before the camera angle switches into a close-up cooch cam view of Alexandra's orgasms. She rocks rides the wand, thinking that she is cumming. After a bit, Emma hands the wand off directly to Alexandra while pushing her own panties aside and touching herself. As Alexandra works the wand up and down on her pussy, we can hear the wetness, too. Alexandra lies back, closes her eyes, buries her feet into the bed. Alexandra cums again, quickly taking the toy off her cooch before going back for more - this time pulling her knees up. Her pussy seems quite sensitive when she puts the toy back on it. Emma leans over to kiss and suck Alexandra's nipples after licking her own juices from her fingers. It's not long before Alexandra is saying, "Ohhh, ooohhh, oh, yeah!" and cumming again. The girls kiss as the camera angle switches to the closeup cooch cam view of Alexandra's last squirting orgasm. Then the camera moves to the faces to show all the sexy kisses, then back down to Alexandra's cooch as she cums one more time - squirting. Alexandra jokes that she thinks she came 97 times saying that she is so happy!

Alexandra and Emma C.

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